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Are you new to Castle View and not an incoming freshman? Please follow the following steps:

1.  Student creates a student account in select a notification method (either text or email).

2.  Parent/guardian creates a parent/guardian account in

3.  Log into the parent/guardian account and click the link account button.

4.  Student will be sent a text or email (depending on what they selected in the setup of how they want to be notified)

5.  Once the parent/guardian and student account are linked, parent/guardian logs into their account and starts the transfer paperwork.  There is a guide me button that will guide you through this process.

**if the paperwork can only be downloaded, it means the accounts are not linked, so please try again.  Once the accounts are linked the paperwork can be entered in electronically.

**Paper copies will no longer be accepted by CHSAA, so please call or email athletic office for assistance.

6.  Submit the paperwork. Call the Athletic Director at your current school to let them know that they will be getting an email for Planet HS and ask them to please fill out as soon as possible.

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